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  • The setup is quite interesting as we’re working closely with the clients. I get to experience working both as a consultant and in-house, so it’s the best of both worlds. My colleagues are also great to work with – they’re all so welcoming. Last, but not least, the food here is delicious and I always look forward to the dessert on Fridays!

    Akansha Aggarwal

    Interaction Designer at NoA Ignite

  • For me, the people are what make this such a special place. They are talented and, more importantly, eager to learn new things. Everyone comes from a different background and brings unique skills to the team. Also, Bold is extremely supportive of trying new and unique approaches to design. When you put curious and talented people into a safe atmosphere where it's okay to try, fail, and learn, you encourage exploration and experimentation, which I feel are essential in helping people to grow, create interesting work, and evolve the industry.

    Michael Laning

    Design Director at Bold

  • The complexity of our tasks is increasing – but we as an organization move closer and closer towards each other. That organizational act in itself is quite an overwhelming experience, but this is crucial for us in order to keep on innovating and delivering insightful and creative results. Our community of agencies is truly characterized by love, openness, and a genuine respect for each other – while knowing that new shapes and new ways of working awaits us. I thrive in this selfless culture because it spurs creative solutions no matter how complex the business landscape is.

    Rasmus Philip

    Media Strategist at &Co

  • I love working in the creative environment which Anorak offers. Creativity and strategy combined in an agency which is small enough for people to shine and big enough to keep evolving is fantastic. The luxury of being part of the NoA group which we can always draw knowledge from, and keep collaborating with, is priceless.

    Camilla Von Borcke

    Account Manager at Anorak